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Automatic Document Feeder on 123 HP Envy 6076


The 123 HP Envy 6076 Automatic Document Feeder has the feature of printing photocopiers, fax, scan and copy which can automatically fed through the same range of wireless connection setup between the Envy 6076 and also can connect through the USB cable mode.

The 123 HP Envy 6076 Driver Installation will lead the better performance and printing technology from which you can get and also you can use 6076 which will lead you the high speed and problem free usage of the printer and the device that are connected.

The Automatic Document Feeder will do the scanning or copying which can result in mispick error display. It is a multifunctional which allow the user to do all kind of printing, scanning and faxing within the time limit and full form of output result will be displayed once the driver is updated in up to date format.

123 hp envy 6076 automatic document feeder


Scanning Process of HP Envy 6076

  • Make sure that your system and setup is connected to the same network properly.
  • Place an original glass platen and Press Scan and then click the up arrow or down arrow in control panel to select one page scan or merge scan then select OK.
  • Select Menu and then click OK to choose Scan. Press Scan to click the up or down arrow to select Scan to PC and press OK to start scanning process.
  • For merge scan, put which files to be scanned on glass platen and then click Start to scan the next page. Confirm that system and are connected to same network.
  • SMTP Client Configuration should be completed before scanning process must be done.
  • Press Scan and then click the up arrow or down arrow in control panel to select one page scan or merge scan then select OK.
  • Choose Menu and then click OK to select Scan.
  • Click the up or down arrow to select Scan to E-mail and press OK to Start Scanning Process. Click E-mail address book or group e-mail and then click OK.
  • Press up or down arrow to select address or group and then press Start button to start scanning process.

Copy Printing Setting in HP Envy 6076

  • Open the lid of 123 HP Envy 6076 Printer Setup and then copy and make sure that paper is placed in exact drawer and place the original types and files.
  • If you want more than one copy then change the number of copies in Envy 6076 touch panel and also select Copy Mode.
  • Click Start button on control panel place all original then again press the start button for next copy process.
  • Press finish on touch panel after all original forms are scanned and let printer will continue its process.
  • The process that is continuing, if want to stop the process then press Cancel.
  • Press Stop button in the printer’s control panel and click Job cancel on touch panel to stop copying.
  • During copying in auto job start by setting number of copy sets copy modes as required, scan the next original.
  • Click the start button on the control panel, you can confirm your job on touch panel or cancel them if it is needed.
  • If you want to cancel job which is being scanned then press Job cancel in touch panel or Function clear the process will stop its scanning.

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Bypass Copying Technology in 123 HP Envy 6076

  • Bypass Copying is recommended standard size which is a set of drawers, the height of paper must not exceed the indicator on side guides.
  • When you use more than a sheet, properly place the sheets in bypass copying.
  • Do not push paper in to the entrance of bypass copying, because this could cause a paper jam or misfeed.
  • When you copy on sheets of OHP, remove the copier of OHP because it may cause the paper to curl and may not make the process to done properly.
  • If you place ADF for bypass copying do not set the paper because the originals will be placed upside down.
  • Bypass copying will stop its process when the tray runs out during copies then it will restart paper when suppliers turn to bypass.
  • There is no effect on the printing quality though noise may occur during printing process which depends on paper mode.
  • Copy exposure adjustment will be applied when Auto is selected for Document Glass and 123 HP Envy 6076 Automatic Document Feeder.

123 hp envy bypass copy setup

  • Rotation copy setting plays a role when papers are placed in different rotations; It will automatically rotate the image up to 90 degree to enable correct copying.
  • Add or change extra preset ratios with the maximum of adding two enlargement pre-set ratio values. Set a maximum number of copies which can specify up to 60760 as specified. Card slot setting is used to fit the page on key which appear on card shot screen.
Troubleshooting Techniques in 123 HP Envy 6076
  • Open the input tray in which paper jam occurs, and to solve the issue then remove all paper that is strike in HP Envy 6076.
  • Check whether all papers in the 6076 has been removed and place the input tray in same port to do the further process.
  • Then check a test page printing to check whether HP Envy 6076 is in the normal working condition or not.
  • The next step is to view the ink cartridge level, is the toner is filled with full ink or in the empty condition.
  • If the toner is empty, take the cartridge out and turn upside down or fill it with ink and then replace the toner back in concern place.
  • Update Printer Driver using Envy 6076 Setup support install, uninstall and reinstall HP Envy 6076.
  • Restore the printer setting by resetting HP Envy 6076, computer and the router.
  • For more details, refer 123 HP Envy 6076 Troubleshooting Issues while setting up the HP Envy 6076.
  • And use 6076 support install to get more ideas about the software installation of 123 HP Envy 6076.

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Aspire a Printer Assistance

We are here to present you with all the Necessary Compensation for Printer set-up.
For additional queries, contact through 1-819-716-0730.