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123 HP Envy 4505 Troubleshooting Techniques


Go with 4505 to overcome all the issue and resolve problem facing in the Envy 4505 Printer and make sure that the driver that is downloaded in updated form, ink cartridge toner is filled and paper is filled in the input tray for doing the printing process.

You can also use 4505 support to get more details about the risk that you are viewing and do follow the on screen instruction to complete the tasks of your process.

The problems that you will be faced are paper jam issue, ink cartridge toner problem, paper struck, printer offline, Driver Download and other common general problems.

Go to 4505 to get more details about Setting up the 123 HP Envy 4505 Printer.

123 hp envy 4505 troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting issues in 123 HP Envy 4505

  • There are three major problems that all printers will face, they are the ink cartridge toner issue, paper jam and the network connection.
  • Ink cartridge toner issue occurs by the low level or no ink present in the cartridge.
  • By refilling or replacing ink cartridge in HP Envy 4505 this issue can be overcome.
  • Next one is the paper jam, this occurs mainly by striking of paper in input tray of HP Envy 4505.
  • Go to 4505 to get more details about HP Envy 4505.
  • Before inserting paper in the tray check whether there is any paper particle or any other dust particles is present in the tray to avoid problem of paper jam in 123 HP Envy 4505
  • The connection setting may also lead to the 123 HP Envy 4505 Troubleshooting Issue which may take the HP Envy 4505 to problem facing state.
  • The wired connection, between power cord and printer to system should be done properly using 123 HP Envy 4505 Wireless Mobile Printing Connection Setup.

Paper Jam issue in 123 HP Envy 4505

  • The feeder roller is dirty or internal parts of HP Envy 4505 became failure, then paper feeding problem will occur.
  • Remove all small bits of paper from the tray to overcome all issues clean the input paper tray.
  • Print with manual paper feeder within specification range which is correctly load print media.
  • Clean the roller well and remove all excess amount of paper in input tray of HP Envy 4505.
  • Use manual feeder tray and make sure that paper that meets specification.
  • Check it by printing a test page by feeding the channel and roll.

Ink Cartridge Toner Issues in 123 HP Envy 4505

  • Stop the working of printer, if the ink cartridge toner is not printing the ink in HP Envy 4505.
  • Replace it with new toner or else refill the toner by pouring ink in cartridge by removing the ink cartridge toner of Envy 4505.
  • To do printing in a smooth manner, shake well the ink cartridge by which ink can spread all over the toner well.
  • Replace ink cartridge toner in input tray then start HP Envy 4505 and check it by printing a test page.
  • For more details about the printer setup view 4505 to get more ideas about 123 HP Envy 4505 Troubleshooting Techniques and for more updates use 123 HP Envy 4505 Printer Setup.

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123 HP Envy 4505 not Printing Problem
  • If the printing is not possible or stops during the process then check it with the paper tray, if there is any dust particles or paper jam occurs.
  • And also check the ink cartridge toner level, and decide whether to refill or replace the toner to solve the not printing printer problem.
  • The original size is not automatically selected or if the wrong size is selected then manually set the original size in the size correction option.
  • If the displayed bypass tray paper size is not correct then pull the tray out from the extension guide, when loading the paper in the tray to click enable option.
  • The paper misfeed occurs, then remove all the loaded paper out from the tray and replace a new bunch of papers and before that check if there is any paper particles is in the tray.
  • Check the connection setup of the printer with the help of the 123 HP Envy 4505 setup support to avoid the printing issues.
  • Toner does not print well or the ink overflow appear in the paper, then use the standard HP Envy papers will help avoiding the smudges.
  • For more use Standard Paper Specifications in the quick setup guide to avoid the ink cartridge toner issue in the printer.
  • If the 123 HP Envy 4505 USB Setup that is not working then go to the USB Device Check in the setting mode, then choose system setting.
  • In that select the Paper tray setting to select the tray selection.
  • Lines appeared in the scanned image, to avoid this clean the scanning area in the document glass of Envy 4505 along with the document blank page sheet.
Resolution for HP Envy 4505 Printer Setup
  • If ink cartridge issue occurs then refill or replace the toner with new one and if paper jam occurs, then take out all the paper out from tray and place new set of papers.
  • Check the condition of all connection with power cord, RAM and Memory along with that check an electrical cable connection with the system and 123 HP Envy 4505.
  • If the print image is different from the displayed original image in the system go to the equipment’s graphic processing function where the printing is being performed.
  • Enlarge or reduce the image that is to be printed and check it with the Previewed Image Mode before Printing.
  • Duplex Printing Error, most of the multi-functional printers will have. To overcome the issue select the Advanced Setting Option to put your order once printing process is completed.
  • Download the latest version of the software from and the connection setup from HP Envy 4505 Support Install for getting more details to overcome the problems that you are facing.

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We are here to present you with all the Necessary Compensation for Printer set-up.
For additional queries, contact through 1-819-716-0730.