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Connect HP Wireless Printer

  • Users can easily get connect to wireless network automatically.
  • There is no need for wired connection or USB Cable Connection.
  • Some products of HP Printer have Wireless option.
  • So, you have to make sure that your HP Printer is capable of connecting to wireless network.
  • The Functionality of HP Printer Wireless makes your work so simple and easy.
  • For more details, just contact us or for brief information.
  • We will provide you a great support for connecting your devices to wireless network.
  • And also, if any troubleshoot problem occurs on your network connection.
  • There has several methods for connecting with Wireless Network. User might also give a try.

Auto Wireless Connect:

Many of the HP Printers has the capability of wireless connecting the device automatically. There is no need to use any cables while using wireless connection.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup:

To use this mode, know whether HP Printer and Wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). If the WPS method doesn’t work, visit or contact us for help.

Wireless Setup Wizard:

Wireless Setup Wizard can be select from HP Printer Control Pane. From the options of Wireless, just choose Wireless Setup Wizard. And, register your network name and password.

    123 HP Wireless Mobile Printing

    On using HP Mobile Print, User can make a Printing, Scanning, & Copying. Just connect the mobile device and HP Printer to your wireless network.

    Most important thing, the printer and mobile has to be connected to the same wireless network.

    Wi-Fi direct connection type helps for mobile printing. Using remote system, you can easily email the files directly with the help of ePrint Enabled HP Printers.

    First of all, Connect your Android or Smartphone to HP Printer using the Wireless Connection. For more details, visit to get knowledge about HP Wireless Printing.

    User can easily share their files like documents & images from their mobile itself. Mobile Printing is much easy, rather than comparing by connecting to other devices.

    123 hp wireless mobile printing


    Print from HP Wireless Printer

    123 hp printer wireless printing

    • Firstly, turn on the HP Printer and Install the ink cartridges.
    • Then, load the paper properly into the input tray.
    • On HP Printer Device Settings, list of printer will be displayed. Choose HP Printer from one among them.
    • Now, Choose Add a Printer (or) Scanner.
    • And, select Wi-Fi Direct Printers from the available options. After locating your device, Add into it.
    • Then go to your OS and Click there Add Device.
    • Then, User have to enter their network name and password. And the Setup process gets completed.

    Connecting Devices to HP Printer Wireless Network

    Just follow the below instructions for setting up the Wireless HP Printer. In order to setup the HP Printer, User have to Connect their devices to the same network connection. Take the Power Cord and Connect it to the HP Wireless Printer to get start the connection process. On the Control Pane of HP Printer, Select the options. You will get an option like Wireless, Wired or USB Connection. From that options Choose Connection type as Wireless. If you are unable to Connect with Wireless Network, then you might try Wireless Direct Connection.

    There is nothing much complicated to connect the device with wireless network. Those who want to reconnect their network or to connect newly, can follow the below steps. It’s so simple to get connect. The requirements that needed for connecting HP Wireless Printer, create a network name and an password to keep secure. If you’ve no knowledge about that, contact for technical help.

    • To establish the wireless network connection, first of all you want to access using printer control panel. Go to Home screen of your HP Printer’s control panel and select Wireless.
    • From there, tap Setup icon. And select Restore Network Settings. For confirmation, Click on the Yes option. Now, get back to Wireless Settings and select Wireless Setup Wizard.
    • By now, the HP Printer will search for networks. From the available network, select your network name and try to connect it.
    • Once, the devices get connected to wireless network, the blue light blinks on the control panel.
    • If the HP Printer fails to connect, just get help from for instant support and also for more information.

    Do you want to setup HP Printer?

    If you are facing any kind of difficulty with the setup of HP Printer then support team is always
    Available to assist users in the best possible way.

    123 HP Wireless Printer Software

    HP Wireless Printer needs software. For easy download, is the best resource. Here, you get an Updated Software.

    Just go and download the Driver which is appropriate to your HP Printer. While, downloading an incorrect driver, you might face error.

    When the Download Process completes, start the installation process. Go to your Downloaded folder, select Run and Install.

    The process of HP Printer software installation will take some time to Install in Windows or Mac Device.

    123 hp wireless printing software

    Troubleshooting on 123 HP Wireless Printer

    For any technical help, without any hesitation will support you for all your technical issues face on using HP Printer. When you get error in the sense, Not providing the Network Password correctly and the Router may not Turned On. So, make ensure that all have set correctly. Then you may get start your process.

    • When you are unable to connect your device with wireless, then reconnect it again.
    • Check out your wireless network name and password, whether valid details has provided.
    • If not, then change the network password and try once. Or else, do follow the below steps.
    • Foremost thing, Do restart your Device, HP Printer, and router.
    • And to check if the Printer has connected to your network, make a test print report from the control panel.
    • Many of the HP Printers has the Wireless button to access easily for printing the report.
    • For manual instruction, will helps to guide your for test print report work.
    • And, make sure that your wireless router is in Active state and functioning properly.
    • By the way, Check if there any notifications that Pop-up on your display.
    • If nothing else, then reconnect HP Printer to your wireless network again.
    • For more technical support, is always there to guide you in proper steps.

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