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123 HP Officejet 9012 Chromebook Setup


The 123 HP Officejet 9012 Printer Chromebook Setup is the process of gaining access from the Google Cloud account for doing the further process as a guest user. You can also get the chromebook driver download by using 5 chromebook to get the latest and updated version of software installation process.

But without using the same range of wireless network connection, so make sure that the internet between system and the Officejet 9012 printer is in the same volume. Use Support to get more details about the setup, installation and connection procedure.

Offline access is not a reliable option which can be shared with device situation where the web is designed to run the time. To work with the Chromebook which is connected with the HP Officejet 9012 Printer, make sure all the connection is made and installation is done by turning ON the refresh button for fast working process.

123 hp officejet 9012 chromebook setup

Chromebook Printer Setup Process in 123 HP Officejet 9012

123 hp officejet chromebook setup

  • In printer control panel, select the basic tab and choose User Function. Then, in Admin page type password and click OK.
  • Under Wireless Setting click ON Wireless LAN Network. Network type view the available network and select printer name and security function on access point.
  • Click wireless encryption type and press next to continue the process, accept all settings to confirm apply option.
  • By completing all process the 123 HP Officejet 9012 Wireless Networks can be connected easily.
  • Go to to download latest and updated version of software installation and use 123 HP Officejet 9012 Printer Setup Support to get additional information about wireless network connection process along with the 123 HP Officejet 9012 Chromebook Setup.

Chromebook Printer Setup for Windows Processor

  • HP Scan allows you to scan files and images from HP Printer to Windows, HP Scan installs with full feature driver installation for HP Printers.
  • In, lift the scanner lid place the image or photo that you want to scan in scanner glass. Then follow the on screen instruction or markings in scanner for correct placement.
  • If supported by HP Officejet 9012 Printer, then load multi page document into automatic document feeder.
  • In system, click the windows button and then type HP model as 123HP Officejet 9012 Printer.
  • Do Scan and Fax function if supports, click Scan a document or photo.
  • Select the Scan Shortcut and change desired setting in drop down menu in the right side corner of windows.
  • Click checkbox to Show Scan Preview or Show Viewer after Scan, and then click Advanced Setting or More to change any other final setting.
  • Preview scanning option and click Scan button, if necessary double click the thumbnail image to make additional settings. Save it in the desired folder then click save to save the scanned image.
  • If you face any troubles or problems, directly go to 9012 and clear your problems.

123 HP Officejet 9012 Software Installation for Mac

  • Click Printers and Scanners under the start up menu and system preferences.
  • Click Add Printer by right clicking on the plus button in left side corner.
  • Select the area which contains HP Officejet 9012 printer and then click Add.
  • After completing all these process will connect to Wireless network, if not re do the same process to connect the printer to Wireless network.
  • Then a popup menu will appear, in that enter name and password to continue further Mac Driver Installation on HP Officejet 9012.
  • Choose System Preferences to click on the print and Scan Icon under Apple icon. After that add the Officejet 9012 printer to the available list.
  • To select your system preferences, will assist for navigate your selections.
  • The Mac Operating System Post Script Print Description file of the HP Officejet 9012 Printer contains the description about Controller Specific Features.
  • It is based on UNIX Operating System where security updates will be in regular basis by application definers.
  • Configuring techniques of 9012 HP Officejet printer’s ranges up to IPP printing, bonjour printing and LPR printing.

Aspire a Printer Assistance

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Driver Download for Chromebook in HP Officejet 9012 Printer

  • By downloading the latest version of software the HP Officejet 9012 printer can do all the process in a smooth and fast manner. After completing the downloading process do follow the instruction that is given below.
  • The HP Officejet 9012 Printer driver download make use to do the process like print, copy and scan.
  • This driver software deals with the system program and HP Officejet 9012 Printer for performing all the functionalities.
  • Go to 9012 to get the latest form of driver download and for the installation method select the HP Smart App mode.
  • Before that check whether the software that you have downloaded, and it deals with the hardware and software of printer and system.
  • So be careful while selecting the driver download for printer which may leads to the working condition.
  • Then Turn ON the system and printer, insert the paper and ink cartridge to check whether the printer works with the downloaded driver.
Wireless Setup Connection in HP Officejet 9012 Printer
  • Connect USB with HP Officejet 9012 printer and the laptop or PC with Functional Wi-Fi devices.
  • Choose HP Officejet 9012 printer, install it and finish the process.
  • Login to Wi-Fi setup with HP Officejet 9012 Model with default password, after Wi-Fi Smart App Setup, click Wireless Network Configuration Tool select Wi-Fi name and do setup in program.
  • The system will try to establish a network with HP Officejet 9012 printer.
  • Then HP Officejet 9012 can successfully connect to wireless network with Wireless Credentials Provider.
  • Once message shown as successful, you can unplug USB cable. And Check your Wireless Network Connection.
  • To know how to check out your Connection, will help you with guidelines.
  • Go to printer device and do tests print, right clicking on HP Officejet 9012 printer icon and select Printer Properties.
Troubleshooting Techniques in 123HP Officejet 9012 Printer
  • To fix a HP Officejet 9012 printer when a message occurs like ‘Out of Paper’ even with full paper loaded.
  • After viewing above message check the condition of paper or incorrectly loaded paper can also cause HP Officejet 9012 printer to not pick.
  • Then remove all the paper from input tray of HP Officejet 9012 printer and then close input tray.
  • Take up the input tray from 123 HP Officejet 9012 and check whether any paper or small particles are found there in printer.
  • Check all papers that have been taken from input tray of HP Officejet 9012 printer and then raise the tray to insert paper.
  • Update the Printer Driver using the, uninstall and reinstall the HP Officejet 9012.
  • Restore the printer setting by resetting 123HP Officejet 9012 printer, computer and router.

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Aspire a Printer Assistance

We are here to present you with all the necessary compensation for Printer Set-up.
For additional queries, contact through 1-819-716-0730.