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123 HP Deskjet Printers


Deskjet 1112

  • The 123 HP Deskjet Printers are cheaper as compared with other HP series Printers.
  • They are not only cheaper they are relatively small and compact in design.
  • With such a compact design they are well known for their portability.
  • Fax facility is also available in some Deskjet Printer models.
  • With a very low-cost prints delivery, it is well used by home and small business houses for their day to day uses.
  • It is suitable for both Home and Office work, because of its unique top-class features.
  • But many new users are not aware of how to install the 123 HP Deskjet Printer. So let’s have a look at how we can do that.
  • For additional information refer to to get more details about 123 HP Deskjet Printer Setup.

123 hp deskjet printer


Guide to use the 123 HP Deskjet Printer

  • To begin with make boot up the 123 HP Deskjet Printer by powering it up with the help of power cable once it is done connect the Printer with the USB to your PC or Laptop.
  • Once you have successfully connected it now you have to begin with the installation of the drivers on your PC.
  • Once the drivers are downloaded on your PC click on them and the installation process will get initiated.
  • At first, it will ask for whether the Printer is well prepared not and here you have to click on next for further proceedings.
  • The next step will be asked to prepare and choose the software to choose from. Once you choose the option by clicking next and continue you will be redirected to the agreement where you have to accept it and proceed to the next step.
  • Now here the process of installation has already begun and it might take some time for the drivers to get installed.
  • As now the process is over the option for connection with the device will appear either you can choose wirelessly or with wire. Once you have chosen your preferred option the option of the reboot will appear.
  • Now to use the Printer uninterruptedly you have to choose reboot later and continue using.
  • To start printing first you have to load up the required size papers on the lower deck of the Printer.
  • Now on your PC choose the file you want for print on choosing that click on the print option. Now the file will be on the 123 HP Deskjet Printer software and you can easily get your modifications on the file for the print.
  • When your preferred modifications are done you can proceed for the print. The printing time is less and with a moment you can get your printed file ready.
  • In case you want to use the scanner of the 123 HP Deskjet Printer you have to place the printed side of the document on the glass size and flip close the scanner.
  • Now the file will be shown on the software and from there you can easily save the file to your desired place easily.

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